Thursday, August 11, 2016

Form Follows Function, A-N-G-E-?

Five letters
Starts with A-N-G-E

Could either be ANGEL or ANGER

For ANGEL, the G is soft
For ANGER, the G is hard

I'd post a picture of Samael, but don't want to give you nightmares.

Dez Bryant in 9th; Or, How to Improve the Olympics

It's difficult to fully appreciate olympic-level athletic performances. For example, the top sprinter looks fast but only marginally faster than the competition.

How could the Olympics demonstrate how elite these athletes are?
  • Have Dez Bryant line up beside the 100-meter dash runners!
  • Have the world's best 10-year-old diver dive first, followed by the real competitors!
  • Have LeBron James clean and jerk a couple of plates with strain, while the real weightlifters pick the same up with ease!
  • Have Cristiano Ronaldo swim in an outside lane!

The wide margin between the slowest Olympian and the celebrity would not only clarify the athletes' excellence but also draw a few more eyeballs for the star factor.