Thursday, October 18, 2012

Your Mom Goes to Middle School

It's natural to want to help your children succeed. One way to do that is to help them with their school assignments. To the extent the kid is further educated, this is a great activity. Some parents may be tempted to cross the line and actually do some of the work. As with many things, there could be gray areas where the parent corrects some homework problems that the student originally missed.

When a mom or dad goes to far, it shows up in the kid's grades unfairly. No one wants to discourage the at-home teaching moments though.

Maybe one solution would be to report student grades in two categories:  take-home assignments versus in-class assignments. This homework v. test GPA might help identify where more learning is taking place, and tease out the effect of parental involvement.

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  1. Some teachers have "discuss this with your family" or "have your family check the work" as part of the assignment. That's a big help with the problem you mentioned, but it raises a new one -- some families don't care, or in some cases literally don't have time, and those kids are unfairly penalized by not having a learning coach at home.

    I read an article a while back from a mother who did a lot of her son's projects for him, although not the daily homework. Her reasoning was that so many other mothers did this that her son would look worse than he should if she *didn't* pitch in. If it's true that many student projects are secretly joint projects between the student and a parent, she's probably right.

    The whole system's a bit crazy.